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Newsletter Cassandra Wiley September 5, 2023
SALS Newsletter: vol. 45 iss. 1
We are finally bringing some great people on board for the many construction aspects of SALS. Welcome aboard! More
Newsletter Cassandra Wiley April 8, 2022
SALS Newsletter: vol. 44 iss. 1 (2022)
Imagine living in a house with rainwater leaking behind the walls and from the ceiling. An on-going study funded in part by Beckley Area Foundation is shining a light on areas of the greatest need in housing repair. Specifically, elderly and disabled homeowners living on a fixed income are impacted dramatically. Most of these homes are over 50 years old. Warranties on major household appliances and fixtures have long expired. More
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Newsletter Cassandra Wiley November 8, 2021
SALS Newsletter: vol. 44 iss. 2
When grit-packing Brenda Warrick came to Gauley Bridge, she took on one difficult job, taming the Regina Apartments community. Nary a man would cross her, as she ran away squatters in unrented units and other undesirables to transform the SALS housing complex into a safe, affordable housing community for low-income families. One contractor said the complex was one of the most run-down jobs he’s done. Now, with her Mother Jones demeanor and with her trusted canine friend Bella, and tenant volunteers, Brenda manages a 24-unit facility full of families with children, disabled persons, and seniors. Read about her and the project HERE! More
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Newsletter Cassandra Wiley April 8, 2021
SALS Newsletter: vol. 44 iss. 1 (2021)
As part of SALS’s effort to improve housing in overlooked communities in our service area, a number of programs are being offered. Even though the pandemic has interrupted volunteer support relied upon in the past from national faith-based, university, and professional groups, our dedicated staff put together projects that helped families. More
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Newsletter SALS May 30, 2020
SALS Newsletter: vol. 43 iss. 1
Regardless of how southern West Virginians work to overcome the problem of poverty existing in rural communities, a change is coming. As we witnessed during the recent economic slowdown individuals relied upon their cell phones, computers, and mass media for personal business and information. More
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Newsletter SALS October 14, 2019
SALS News Fall 2019
By now most people will agree the changes in the climate will mean changes in how we live. If flooding and wild fires are bad this year, then wait until next year. More
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Newsletter SALS January 2, 2019
SALS News Winter 2018-19
SALS is excited to move forward with our partners as we all continue to prepare the next generation of workers who, otherwise, would be limited in aspirations and goals. More
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Newsletter SALS September 5, 2018
SALS News Summer 2018
Fifty years after the birth of the first Poor People’s Campaign espoused by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., more than fifty thousand activists, community organizers, faith-based leaders, and concerned citizens marched the streets of Washington, D.C. More
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Newsletter SALS January 5, 2018
SALS News Winter 2017-18
After more than 40 years of service to southern West Virginia, we take this moment to reflect on the contributions of some board members and staff who are no longer with us. More
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Newsletter SALS August 7, 2017
SALS Journal, Summer 2017
Summer Programs Promote Nutrition & Reading, Sacrifice for Survival, Director’s Report, Changing Lives One Rehab At A Time, SALS YouthBuild Graduation, and more. More
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