Community Center

Beard’s Fork
SALS operates a Community Center in Beards Fork that provides educational services and resources to a dozen coal camp communities along Loup Creek and adjacent areas.  The center also provides housing for work camp participants who come to assist with the SALS housing projects.

Self-help and Resource Exchange (SHARE)
A community-based food distribution initiative that now involves over 70 families.  The program allows low-income families to buy food and supplies for extremely low funds.  This is a great help to those in the community who need it.

Loup Creek Starting Points and the Mother, Infants, Health Outreach Worker Program (MIHOW)
An Early Childhood Center to serve families with young children in their community.  The Starting Point Center brings together existing early education and care services for young mother and their children.  This program is to educate and help young teenagers into the transition of motherhood.

Energy Express
A six week summer program with West Virginia University and AmeriCoprs that is designed to help children K-6th grade improve their reading skills by making reading fun.  Participants are provided a nutritious breakfast and lunch, and transportation to and from the center.

School-Day-Plus After School Program
This is an after school program that creates a warm and caring environment where children can get help with homework, access computers, and participate in education and cultural activities that may  not be available in a classroom setting.  This program also provides nutritious meals and a safe social setting for children in the community.

Senior Health
SALS, on a regular basis, provides transportation for senior citizens to do their banking, grocery shopping, or any errand that needs done.  They also have Health Bingo once a month in order to get Seniors more involved.

21st Century Community Center
This program’s mission is to provide enhanced educational opportunities and social services to the communities.