The mission of the Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS) is to provide education, research, and linkages for working class and disenfranchised peoples in order to promote understanding, empowerment, and change. The Southern Appalachian Labor School is committed to developing a real comprehension of the social, economic, and legal structures which affect the lives of the Appalachian People.

SALS is the host of numerous college work camps during alternative Fall/Spring break weeks for working on housing and Youthbuild mentoring. SALS Work Camp reservation contract

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Blog Don Alexander January 12, 2021
Protect and Continue SALS
Now has come the time when we must ask good friends of SALS for long term support. More
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Newsletter SALS May 30, 2020
SALS News Spring 2020
Regardless of how southern West Virginians work to overcome the problem of poverty existing in rural communities, a change is coming. As we witnessed during the recent economic slowdown individuals relied upon their cell phones, computers, and mass media for personal business and information. More
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Blog SALS March 17, 2020
Rafting Trip Information, 2020
America’s Best Whitewater is right in our backyard. More
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Blog John David May 8, 2018
Energy Express
We are asking your help in finding young people for our free Energy Express program that will be held beginning in June at the SALS Community Center in Beards Fork. We provide breakfast and lunch as well as transport from the Valley and the Plateau areas of Fayette County. More
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Blog SALS June 29, 2016
Flood Recovery Legal Help Hotline
Legal Aid of West Virginia has established a Flood Recovery Legal Help Line at 1-877-331-4259 to help victims of the recent flooding with legal needs. They are offering FREE legal information, advice and assistance for flood victims. More
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Blog SALS December 18, 2013
Southern Appalachian Labor School
View a SALS PowerPoint presentation More
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Blog SALS October 26, 2015
SALS 2015
This video provides an overview of the Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS), a non-profit organization based in Fayette County, West Virginia. More
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Blog SALS December 18, 2012
A Message from Senator Rockefeller
http://sals.info/video/121812_rockefeller.mp4 More
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