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Newsletter SALS December 17, 2013
SALS Journal, Fall-Winter, 2013
At YouthBuild, one of SALS major partners, the recruiting and hosting of volunteers is referred to as volunteer generation. I have always liked the sound of volunteer generation as it has the word generation. More
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Newsletter SALS June 3, 2013
SALS Journal, Spring-Summer, 2013
Summertime again brings around Group Work- Camps. Many hundreds of volunteers from across the United States will invade, repair and go off into the sunset with the satisfaction of knowing they made a difference in someone’s life. More
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Newsletter SALS December 17, 2012
SALS Journal, Fall-Winter, 2012
Global Volunteers have been sending us volunteers since 1999. The Millennium Project sponsored by a group of volunteers in the winter of 2000 seems to have been a turning point for our relationship. This summer we hosted our 80th Global Volunteers team. More
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Newsletter SALS June 13, 2012
SALS Journal, Spring-Summer, 2012
SALS and New River Health Association have agreed to reopen Beards Fork Clinic in July 2012. NRHA CEO Dave Sotak announced this plan at the New River monthly board meeting on May 14. More
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Newsletter SALS December 9, 2011
SALS Journal, Fall-Winter, 2011
For the past decade Southern Appalachian Labor School has sponsored a major summer influx of faith-based volunteers to engage in modest repairs of homes in Fayette County and the Upper Kanawha Valley. To date, nearly 1000 homes have received work and the project contributes over $600,000 of value and purchases every year. More
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Newsletter SALS June 30, 2011
SALS Journal, Spring-Summer, 2011
This year we are celebrating our Juneteenth Solidarity Festival in Oak Hill at the Historic Oak Hill Elementary School (former elementary school). This decommissioned school was recently acquired by SALS to further its community development projects. More
Newsletter SALS December 23, 2010
SALS Journal, Fall-Winter, 2010-2011
On Sunday, June 13th, SALS hosted the 19th annual Solidarity Festival and Celebration. The festivities began at 1 PM at our community center at Beards Fork. More
Newsletter SALS June 10, 2010
SALS Journal, Spring-Summer, 2010
Slowly but surely, the students in the after school program at SALS are being immersed in a weekly educational program in which agriculture serves as the basis for teaching healthy lifestyle choices, dietary nutrition, ecostewardship, teamwork, and the importance of local food systems. More
Newsletter SALS December 24, 2009
SALS Journal, Fall-Winter, 2009
The Southern Appalachian Labor School celebrated its annual Make A Difference Day on Saturday, October 24, 2009. Make A Difference Day is a day set aside for volunteers from all walks of life to do good deeds in their communities! SALS will participate again this year as it has in past events. More
Newsletter SALS July 26, 2009
SALS Journal, Spring-Summer, 2009
The flags will wave again to celebrate another year of good works here at SALS. On Saturday June 13, 2009 at the SALS community center in Beards Fork, we will host our 18th annual solidarity Festival. More
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