SALS Newsletter: vol. 43 iss. 1

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Apr 8 2022  Newsletter
SALS Newsletter: vol. 44 iss. 1 (2022)
Nov 8 2021  Newsletter
SALS Newsletter: vol. 44 iss. 2
Apr 8 2021  Newsletter
SALS Newsletter: vol. 44 iss. 1 (2021)
Jan 12 2021  Blog
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  1. As an advocate with Disability Rights of WV, I have just come upon information about your agency. I am so impressed with the work you are doing! If anyone with a disability is having challenges with obtaining services or other needs, please feel free to have them contact our agency. My focus is assisting those receiving or trying to receive transition services or any services with WVDRS and the local CIL’s. We also have other advocates that can assist with any disability service or need people may have from education to senior needs. Our website is and we can be reached at 1-800-950-5250.

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