Bitter Cane


If you would like to arrange a gathering of people to raise funds for Haitian relief, the Southern Appalachian Labor School can loan you a copy of the award winning classic, BITTER CANE, for a showing.  As noted in the attached, SALS assisted with this 70 minute  film, which includes segments that feature  one of our instructors (Ed Travis) and our worker education class at the Kellwood clothing plant in Spencer, WV, as well as women involved in the  English literacy class at the Federal Prison in Alderson, WV.  We have the firm on VHS and DVD.  All we ask is that you agree to send all raised funds to a major relief agency and return the film on the very next day.  If you are interested, clearly note show dates, 1st, 2nd, and 3 rd choices..(.please be prepared to be very flexible)….and a clear mailing address.  Need to talk to us about this?  Contact SALS.


P.O.Box 127
Kincaid, WV 25119

Fax: 304.442.3285

Download (BitterCane_Flyer.pdf)

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