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Newsletter SALS August 25, 2005
SALS Journal, Spring-Summer, 2005
SALS 15th annual Workers’ Solidarity Cultural Festival on May 21st was a big success. Folks came from around the region to our community center in Beards Fork on this pristine Spring day full of sunshine and had a great time watching the performers, visiting with old friends and making new ones. More
Newsletter SALS December 12, 2004
SALS Journal, Fall-Winter, 2004-2005
This year has been a great year for volunteers here at SALS. The summer months were full of energy and the building of new relationships. Wave after wave of volunteers passed through our community. Each new group of volunteers brought something unique to our endeavor to build a better community. We appreciated their spirit of volunteerism and marveled at their commitment to our project. We met people from all over the world and of all ages. More
Newsletter SALS May 6, 2004
SALS Journal, Spring, 2004
Everyone is invited to the Fourteenth Annual Workers’ Solidarity Cultural Festival at 1 PM, Saturday, May 22. This year we will be highlighting folksinger Anne Feeney, cultural artist Jude Binder, Shayar and Krooshal Force, the SALS Harpists, and several other performers to be announced. More
Newsletter SALS December 16, 2003
SALS Journal, Fall-Winter, 2003-2004
U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) opened UHCAN’s 11th national conference with a hopeful and energetic call to grassroots activists to make sure that Congress and state legislatures around the country “hear your voices loudly and clearly” so as to drown out the “naysayers and keepers of the status quo” who say health care for all cannot happen. More
Newsletter SALS May 5, 2003
SALS Journal, May, 2003
The Southern Appalachian Labor School has received a grant of $2,150 from the Crandall, Pyles, Haviland & Turner Foundation, Inc., to assist coal miners and widows with federal black lung claims. More
Newsletter SALS January 18, 2003
SALS Journal, Winter, 2003
Nicholas County Community Action Council is now sending area workers to SALS for flood relief efforts under a program called DREAP (Disaster Relief Emergency Assistance Program). SALS currently has thirty-three workers for twenty-six weeks to help assist families that were affected by the flood. More
Newsletter SALS December 7, 2002
SALS Journal, December, 2002
SALS celebrated its 25th anniversary with a big bash in May. The event was held at the SALS Community Building in Beards Fork. Food and live entertainment delighted the crowd of about 150. More
Newsletter SALS September 24, 2001
SALS Journal, Summer-Fall, 2001
Two devastating floods less than two weeks apart in July caused severe damage to and total loss of many homes in the Fayette County area where SALS operates its New River Safe Housing Project. Ever since, all available resources of our organization have been dedicated to helping families clean up and rebuild from the damage. More
Newsletter SALS January 24, 2001
SALS Journal, January-February, 2001
SALS AmeriCorps Vista & YouthBuild participants, along with the AmeriCorps USA members, collaborated on Make a Difference on Saturday, Oct. 28, under the auspices of the Southern Appalachian Labor School in Beards Fork. More
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